Cable Park Questionare
The Village

Allright, here is the rundown... We're opening a wakeboard cable park complex. But we need some industry feedback. We have some numbers, but we want to hear from YOU the consumer first hand! Please take a moment or two to fill out our survey. Sorry but we need to keep the location under the radar. But it will be released very soon I can promise!

1.  How old are you?

Under 12

2.  Male or Female?


3.  What is your wakeboarding experience?


4.  What is your education?


5.  Do you own your own equipment?


6.  What you pay to ride a cable system all day, and Rent Equipment if need be?


7.  How many time per season would you drive 30 minutes to ride a cable park?


8.  Where are you located, City and State? How many miles are you located from a major city?


9.  Do you freeski ski or Snowboard?


10.  Would you like to see a cable park pull skiers and snowboarders in the winter time over rails, kickers etc...?


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