It's time to say Goodbye

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 F r e e   S u r v e y s    S i n c e   1 9 9 9

May 1, 2016

OpinionPower.com has been a free survey service since 1999. In Internet years, that's a lifetime or two. We provided the power to change the world; to use collective opinions to make things better. We served businesses, community organizations, educators and many others by providing technology to help them better serve their organizations. We made it easy to collect the opinions of friends, employees, and audiences around the world. All that was needed was a web browser and an email address.

Social media and other tools are available to continue providing these services. Best wishes to all as we strive to improve our world.

All surveys will stop working from now on. All data should have been collected and is no longer available.

If you have any questions, please write to

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